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While integeration of Holigan Ad media Integeration, I have come up with this integeration issue where “html5 comment” has to be there for holigan system to verify my script status, however there is some php thing or hosting thing which I am unaware of that is not letting print html5 comments at runtime.

Any clue would be great for me!

Verifications can’t possible… Try any alternate ways if possible…!
Browser can only able to see the host…other things like verification bots are prevented from access by IF server.


Due to the way our system works, you can’t use file-based verification on free hosting. Since you have a custom domain, you can use Cloudflare to bypass this if you want.

HTML is not a programming language, and does not “run”. HTML comments are just that, comments. Nothing more. HTML can’t “print” anything.


When this line is in source html or php file(in my case php) if you see in source (ctrl + U), the following line disappears, please tell me if there is anything possibe, so i can put following line and it does display in source(ctrl +u ) of page

<!-- Powered by Hooligan Media -->

Even if you type in comment of this forum and then see it in source (ctrl +u) you won’t see anything in source
for this html5 comment (I know its comment and will only be printed in source, but thing is its not printing in source)
< :grinning:!- :grinning:- Powered by Hooligan Media - :star_struck:->

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That’s because this fourm does not allow most HTML code to be shown properly, for security reasons.

A PHP comment // and an HTML commend <!-- --> are different. As PHP is a programming language, its comments are disregarded when interpreted. HTML however, is not a programming language, and its full content will be sent to the browser to be parsed. In short, PHP comments are actually hidden from viewers and bots, but HTML comments are not.


Html comments are getting hidden and not visible in source(ctrl+U) thats the problem I shared, and yes php comments are not visible on front end.
Please tell me what can be done if I want to display “html5 comments” on (view source for debugging purpose)

Again, whatever comments you have in an HTML file is sent to the browser, unless you have a script removing them.

The problem is that hooligan media is blocked from accessing your website because they are not a web browser, so they don’t see any of the code on your site.

As previously stated, you can use Cloudflare to bypass this system.


Thanks for help, removing cache (developer mode on cloudflare) helped to get html5 comments back on view source page.

Great support from you. :slight_smile:

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Also be careful with any HTML minification being enabled on your site or on Cloudflare. Minification tries to limit the size of the contents of pages by removing unnecessary characters, and removing comments (which don’t actually do anything) is usually quite safe.

That’s why most HTML verification method work with meta tags, not comments.


Thanks, this helps alot and is informative. Great help <3


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