How to send/receive email

I know that there was webmail on InfinityFree but was removed, so how can I send AND RECEIVE email? I was looking on the knowledge base but I only found how to send mail but not how to receive and view mail. Thanks in advance :smiley:

To receive and view emails, I think you have to use 3rd party solution like the one from Yandex, or Zoho, or some other email forwarder services.

It’s no longer possible to send or receive email with InfinityFree anymore, as you’re already aware of.


Currently setting one up, is there a way to setup DNS TXT records or is that done through the domain name registrar?

You can only set up SPF records on free hosting. For other record types, you should use your own nameservers, as our ones only offer support for CNAME, MX and SPF records.



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You can use the Tutorial I made and on how to setup Yandex, which will allow you full domain emails + SMTP:


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