How to send email with Gmail SMTP

When i create new file in PHPMailer folder, what do i name the file. Where do i set username and password? Should i write them in provided script? And whats the message content and how do i set it?

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Comeon. I just ask where do i put thtat code?

What i should name the new file? You say now you create new file in phpmail stuff folder. What should the new file name be?

Name doesn’t matter
The name depends on how you’re going to implement the rest of the website

To start - you need to test it first
Does it even work?

For example call it test.php

I put phpmailer folder into htdocs.
Then … i create php file which is new and paste that blue code part you provide into that file.
The file has to be in phpmailer folder?
Or shuld i put that blue code into index.php at the top.
Please dont’t say paste it at the top below right under… makes no sense.
Maybe, you could send me some useful links on how i can do it manually in details.


and again

This could help you get the picture (There is a different path)


Hey. It seems to work. I recieved the mail.
Now how do implement that to my register form?

You should do string concatenation and pay attention to encapsulation for all abstract classes
under polymorphism so that the parent of your class sees the object’s function
otherwise it will throw out the error of the entire node.
IO garbage collector and wrappers need to be hashed and constructor of regex must inheritance message instance !
That object ARE declared and accessing with byte type methods (variables)…
but forget logical operators and use != (relational operator) for your form.
Always assume that the Boolean variables A holds true and variable B holds false so that you can multiply AND assignment operator.

Just implement a non-terminal append-and-replace with public boolean matcher.

You’re probably now wondering now “How do I declare an interface ??!”

The extends keyword is used to extend an interface, and the child interface inherits the methods of the parent interface
but please don’t use MouseListener…instead that just use simple EventListener through API

Joking aside :joy:

You should read everything below (Inside the left menu)

Is that “registration” form you mention completed or you have to write it?
and how you think to validate users ? (DB, email, secret code, etc. )

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