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Проблема возникла на

Я не нашёл кнопку очистить кэш с сайта или как его отключить? типо если я отредактировал файл который был на хостинге он не заменяется в хостинг и все без изменений

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Well, clear your browser cache


no, look, I have a problem like this when I upload a file then I want to edit the changes there

no, listen, I have such a problem, when I upload a file, I want to edit the changes made to it, the changes do not occur

After editing the file, did you save it?



Well, or when I delete the js file from the ftp server, there are no changes

Please show the link and what it is supposed to after you made changes



No one can help if you do not state clearly what is the issue

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Well, I gave you the video…

The video page does not load for me, probably because it’s a Russian domain.

That sounds like a cache issue.

So try clearing your cache and see if that resolves it:


It doesn’t even work on another device, although I haven’t visited this site from another device, but I’ve already tried, it doesn’t work, and I created this domain for you

Give us your website url, we cannot help you otherwise.


I watched the video. What I didn’t see you do is clear your cache, as you were doing a simple reload.
Going to directly, I can see it starts with this:

// 19.1.15
//	24.10.2023 12:54:56

If this is the version you are trying to upload, your website is working fine, and you just need to clear your cache, which you can do by following the steps in the tutorial shared above by @Greenreader9.
(I would recommend skipping the cookie part if you don’t want to lose existing logins though, so just checking "Cached images and files).


I didn’t quite understand how to clear the cache

Open this article, then select the browser/device type you are using from the table of contents.


Hi becn123,

If you’re on Chrome:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Spam Ctrl + Shift + R.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Spam Ctrl + Shift + R.
  5. You should notice that the site is updated if it’s due to browser cache issue.