How to place geoblock?

Hello, due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, I would like to do like the big corporations and block access to my website from that country, I don’t know how I can place a geoblock

Thanks in advance

Use Cloudflare then.

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if you can use Cloudflare (you own a domain)
then there in the firewall rules make this rule



Yes, but when I enter the domain in cloudflare it tells me that the domain is not valid even though it even has https, I think it has to do with why it is a .ga domain. I chose that ending because in freenom it is free

Freenom works with Cloudflare, can you share the screenshot?

Can you follow the instructions in this guide?

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I’m not sure, but please note that Cloudflare can be setup for domain names, not URLs. So if your have a domain, say,, then please enter as the domain name, not something like at Cloudflare.

I’m saying this because whether your website has HTTPS is not important to Cloudflare. And if you’re adding https in the domain box, that’s not going to work.


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