How to link Subdomain from namecheap to host

first my main domain is running in blogger and i want create subdomain and linked to the host

I Confused in 2 step : When I was To Create sub domain in name-cheap account i should to linked to address where the host but i found that i cant linked to name server because they have tow name server

So I hope can someone have a solution to that i will be thankful

Can you please don’t bump unless you’ve not gotten any response in 24 hours?

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Step 1

You have to change your domain nameservers to ours temporary, then add your domain though Addon domains section in cpanel, after this create your subdomain in subdomains section, then change your nameservers back to blogger ones (or the nameservers of your domain provider).

Step 2

follow this article

Create a Cname record named example (can be replaced based on the name of your subdomain, enter example if it is with value your main domain (can be find in cpanel->account details), then wait for up to 24 hours.


Thanks I will try This Solution

Hi I try Step 1 And worked with me fine and My main domain back working Again and Create Sub-domain :

but with step 2 I still dont Understand : When I go To Create Cname Record I Find This 3 field:

|Record Name|Domain (her i found my domain and subdomain)|Destination

so what value I put in this fields?
Second When i Complete That Then I install wordpress ans work fine or need more step

And Thanks A lot for Help Mr.BayoDino

You need to set up that record with Namecheap. That’s how you can use Namecheap’s nameservers for your domain and direct people to your account here.

As for how to set that up with Namecheap, I don’t know exactly. Maybe their support can help you.

But in general, there should be some kind of system for “DNS Records” where you can add new records. It should be of “type: CNAME”, with “host: kid” and the target being your hosting accounts Main Domain. The exact name of the fields varies by provider.

The Main Domain can be found in your client area and the control panel. Make sure to look specifically for something called the “main domain”.


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