Hosting a subdomain on InfinityFree while the main domain is hosted at godaddy

I would like to host a subdomain on InfinityFree. I have read this: How to link Subdomain from namecheap to host - #7 by Alkasi

Is there a way to host a subdomain at InfinityFree without first pointing the nameservers for the main domain to InfinityFree?

Nope, sorry!

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It is possible to host a subdomain here and not the main domain, but you have to change the nameservers of the main domain in order to do that.

I would just push a message to your users saying that maintenance will occur starting at x time, then switch your nameservers, add the subdomain here, then switch them back.


Ok. I switched the nameservers, created the subdomains and then I switched back. I see the subdomains listed in my account and can create additional subdomains if I want What do I do next?

It appears I need to create CNAME records for the two subdomains I corrected. But what is the value?

I would recommend A records, not CNAME (Alias) records.

Use the name of the subdomain you created (ie “blog”) for the first part, and the IP found in the client area for the destination.


When you say “IP Found in the client area for the destination” you mean the IP address found here: Login to your account - InfinityFree

I created two subdirectories I would like to use. Lets call them:

What IP address would I use for these two?

Yep! The only IP address under “Account Info” is the one you want.

The IP from the client area. You will use the same IP for both.


Ok. I used the IP address from the client area and updated A records for both subdomains on the DNS on godaddy where I host the main site. I installed Wordpress on both subdomains through softaculous on IF. Both seemed to install correctly but I am not able to access the admin URL. I can obviously give it some time, but wondering if there might be something wrong.

If you share the real URL I can check for you. You can PM me if you don’t want it shared publically.


Sent them to you in a PM

Thanks. Can you make sure your nameservers are set correctly?


Do you mean the name servers on godaddy or the name servers on IF? The nameservers on godaddy point to godaddy servers.

Huh. It looks like my image did not upload.

There are no nameservers on IF. Your nameservers are on your domain provider. I realize I misread your query before I posted last.

You need to set the A records with GoDaddy now using the subdomains name and the IP from the client area.


The A records on godaddy use the IP from the client area.
The NS are godaddy’s NS I believe.


Still not having any luck with this. Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix it?


Both the bureau and presentations subdomains are working for me. Try clearing your cache or using a different browser/device/network.


Oh weird. Thanks. I think the issue was I was using https since that is what I have on my main site.

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