How to install WordPress on Custom Subdomian

Hello everyone, I have been using Infinity free account for my portfolio, I have Freenom domain with .ml my question is regarding subdomain, I have created my on sub domain such as but I want to install WordPress on custom sub domain, I can’t find any topic or video related it, there are lot’s of videos but Infinity Free cPanel settings are different so I want to know how can I install WordPress on custom subdomain. from cPanel
Thank you.

Hello :wave:

  • You need to access the softaculous app installer.
  • Then choose WordPress
  • In the domain menu, choose your custom sub domain
  • The rest of the installation process is same.

Thank you I got it, Thanks buddy,

Should I change Directory or keep it blank/default

Hey I have Installed WordPress as you mentioned, WordPress is installed but Website is not browsing even WP admin panel is also not opening, Is there I’m missing anything?
I have watched several videos to install WP on sub domain few of them mention about MySQL, I don’t have any expertise in coding, is there need to change MySQL?

Default is fine ig.


@jaikrishna.t please check this I have installed but website isn’t working

Are you sure you’re using the correct domain?

Make sure that you have created it in the control panel, and that the DNS record in Cloudflare for it is correct.


How to setup the subdomain DNS record in the Cloud-flare. and also How did you get my domain because I haven’t shared it?

It appeared in one of your screenshots.

In order to setup Cloudflare, you have to connect the domain to InfinityFree first:


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