How to install cloundflare ssl

Server: infinityfree, cloundflare

Question: how install cloundflare ssl i try the ssl not installed

if i try htpps://

enter the domain name here, what does it say?

Also, please screenshot your Cloudflare DNS settings. Don’t blank out anything.


Did you follow this guide?


Yes, i follow the step

Good luck! I don’t think anyone will want to help you for blanking out the important info.

This is what I see now

Your website seems to no longer point to Cloudflare.


Now I see that you are just using InfinityFree nameservers. In order for your site to work with SSL, you need to install a trusted certificate (From LetsEncrypt, GoGetSSL, or ZeroSSL).

If you want to use the self signed certificate, you need to use Cloudflare


The IP address in for the first A record is not correct. Our website IPs currently all start with 185.27.134. So if you found any other IP, it’s not correct.

You can find the IP address of your website in the client area. Under Account Details is the value Website IP.


My A dns record is correct IP from client area

this is complicated, I’m just trying a domain or a beginner, I don’t understand

If you want us to help you, you need to stop changing stuff that was already correct. Now you have a new issue.

You can’t use nameservers from multiple different providers. Either use epizy nameservers, or use Cloudflare nameservers. Not both

Are you sure? Because the IP in the client area is “”, and that does not match what you screenshoted in Cloudflare.


No. It isn’t.

This is the IP address you need to use.

Remember, you’ll want to direct your domain name to the IP address that is serving your website. You don’t want to point it to your home IP (unless you’re actually hosting your website at home of course).


means I have to choose nameservers whether enzy and cloudflare?

Like this.

To install an SSL certificate from Cloudflare, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account and select the domain you want to apply the SSL certificate to.
  2. Under the “SSL/TLS” tab, set the SSL option to “Full (strict)”. This will automatically install the SSL certificate on your domain.
  3. If the SSL certificate was installed successfully, you should see a green lock icon next to your domain in the Cloudflare dashboard.

If you continue to have issues installing the SSL certificate, you may need to contact Cloudflare support for further assistance.

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Yes. NEVER mix different sets of nameservers, it will lead to a variety of very weird issues.

Please decide whether you want to use Cloudflare or not. If you do, please only use Cloudflare’s nameservers on your domain. And if you don’t, please only use our nameservers.

I’m pretty sure that your SSL issues will also be resolved if you don’t mix the nameservers.


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