How to Host My Website through here?

Hi Guys, BlazeKnight here!

I have been working on my first website, which is an online CV I created using HTML and CSS, through Microsoft Express 4. The files are on my local drive, I copied it over onto this website, I have the domain name, just not sure how to launch it, though?

Any tips would be great!

Thank you

What is your website link?

Make sure that you have uploaded those files into/inside your htdocs folder and visit your link.

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Just type your website link / domain name in url.
Thats all

Welcome to websites creation, just go to create an account and fill the data, don’t have a domain? Just use the free subdomain or
Use Mobirise to website creation

Thanks Guys, yeah I set up my domain name through Infinity free and have already uploaded all my files,which consist of the JPEG files, HTML save files and the CSS save files as well.

It did say it will take up to 72 hours before the domain name is up and running.

It is the DNS prooagation, just wait some hours

Can we know your website link?

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This is what I made the domain name

No, you should upload those all files inside htdocs.

All the files and folders inside the Online-CSV folder must be move or put into or inside htdocs, rather than like now.

I just placed all my files in the htdocs folder!

Your website still not working or its still not loading the home page right?

Yeah, not sure what is happening. all I did was place the files in that folder. isn’t the website supposed to read from those files?

Change your Home.html into index.html and clear your caches. If works, then don’t forget to smash that green mark solution! :grin:

okay website has loaded :grin: , the problem now is the rest of my pages are not showing as well as my Jpegs? I do wonder if it is because I created this on my local drive first before uploading all the files.

I have multiple pages for this website and not just 1 page.

Ever wondered why your website or some or your pages doesn’t load well like from your hard drive?

No, When I was working on my local drive while creating this website, everything worked, all pages worked but when I loaded the files on here, only my home page is working and non of the other pages are working.

It is because no such a file on your website to load, or you didn’t put a ‘/’ symbol on every page or links in your html.

For example here is your Education sidebar link.

Edit your inside index.html and put a / before the letter E/first letter (/Education.html).