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Hello everyone.

After digging through a lot of posts here, it seems the self-signed certificate you create under SSL/TLS in the Infinity Free account does not work with Cloudflare “Full” mode, just looking to encrypt connectivity from Cloudflare edge to my hosting account.

Is there a way I can accomplish that without getting a certificate from a valid CA?

I’ve tried using the Cloudflare origin certificate, creating the CSR in SSL/TLS section on my account, creating the certificate on a third-party website, but nothing seems to work, it looks like Infinity Free takes you to purchase a certificate from a CA to get this working, which if I do then I can just switch to “Full-Strict”.

I’m just looking for a free service for now, I’m still a noob on this, in the future I’ll pay for everything.

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

It works, just make sure you do not choose full(strict) mode.


This guide should help…


Thank you @KangJL got the website running on SSL “Full” with Cloudflare.


Good to hear that!

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