How to get Cloudflare Free SSL with InfinityFree Hosting

I have a domain. And I changed that nameservers to connect with InfinityFree hosting.

Now I wanted to get a SSL certificate on my site for long time (at least 1year). All of InfinityFree SSL certificate giver valid for 90days.

If I wanted to add SSL Certificate with cloudflare they asking to change the all of nameservers including InfinityFree nameservers. If I do that does the connection between my domain and InfinityFree hosting will be disconnected?

What is the real process to get Cloudflare SSL Certification and InfinityFree hosting together for my Domain

Follow this guide


Hello, I’ve my custom domain. And I’ve connected my domain to InfinityFree .

What should I have to do now.

Just follow the guide that @KangJL shows to you.It is completely OK to remove infinityfree nameservers if you followed carefully.
Expect some downtime though.


When I upload certificate generated by cloudflare it’s showing me this error message.

I don’t think I’ve an previous SSL Certificates on previous tries. I’ve tried before with another hosting provider. But they don’t had the SSL Certification create manually. But SSL Checker showing me this. resolves to
Server Type: cloudflare
The certificate should be trusted by all major web browsers (all the correct intermediate certificates are installed).
The certificate will expire in 89 days.
The hostname ( is correctly listed in the certificate.

But my website and domain provider showing there is no SSL Certificate with my domain

The Cloudflare Origin Certificates cannot be used on our hosting. But you can use a self signed certificate and configure Cloudflare to use “Full” SSL mode instead. It’s a little bit less secure, but the self signed certificates are valid for a very long time, so it’s basically set up and forget.


I created Self Signed but it still showing Issued. Not getting active.

SSL certificates never get the status “active”. The filters at the top show all available states. But “issued” is pretty much the closest thing you can get: it means the certificate has been created, can be used and is not revoked or expired. The SSL certificate status only shows the status of the SSL certificate itself, not the website you created it for.

You can view the certificate currently active on your website by clicking on the certificate. If you’re using Cloudflare, it will likely show the certificate from Cloudflare. When the certificate is Issued, you can also install it on your account from there.


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