How to forward your domain to a Minecraft server

Hello! So you’ve just set up a Minecraft server and you want to use your domain with it? Well then, this tutorial is great for you!

Before you continue, make sure you are using a custom domain, and you have Cloudflare on your site. See below on how to install Cloudflare if you haven’t already.

Alright, now let’s get to the tutorial!

First, open up Cloudflare and go to your domain.

Next, click DNS.

Click “Add Record” and make an A record pointing to your server IP. If your IP is a domain, make it a CNAME Record. Make sure the record is set to DNS Only.

Then, make another record and set it to SRV. Copy the following below and replace “Target” with the subdomain that you just created.

Now, try your new IP (for example, and join your Minecraft server! You now have set up your custom domain with your server.


This topic should be moved to Community Guides.


I submitted it as that, but it violates rule 3 of community guides, (not related to InfinityFree). I got the option to post it as Informal though.


Yes. That’s why I hesitated to make it a community wiki, as it would also confuse people (I first thought it meant how to make a Minecraft server forwarder using Infinityfree).

Game server hosting is not allowed, so it would just cause chaos.


Well, I guess that makes sense.


Fair enough, at least it got posted here though!

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Can you clarify this in the article (or modify the image so that it contains all the necessary settings) orange or gray cloud?


I have changed it in the article.

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I mentioned it because at the beginning you have a link that leads to a GR9 article
and of course, everything is orange there,
so I thought that if someone follows that GR9 article, then they would have orange
and maybe that would generate some problems in this article of yours because I see that it shows in gray.