How to fix custom domain that can't be added in infinityfree

how to fix this error, how do I add ns to cloudflare, I’ve also been waiting 1 hour for this

You must change the nameservers at your domain registrar ( Adding DNS nameservers does nothing, you must add authoritative ones instead.


I want to use cloudflare for ns on other hosting can here can’t

You must change the nameservers so you can add the domain to your account, then you can switch back to CloudFlare. Follow this:



This is what I see

If you do not follow @wackyblackie’s instruction, you can never use IF for hosting



What you have put in as ‘NS’ Records mean nothing to our system (as well as many others). Please follow my guidance below.

1 Like and www A record. ip form my website ip

Please write clearly. This is not helpful to me.
If you are trying to add your domain to a Hosting Account, please go to and log in. Then, find your domain, click “Nameservers” and change them to and Then, wait for propagation (which can take up to 72 hours) and then add the domain to the account. Once that is completed successfully, you may follow the process above, but replace the nameservers with the ones Cloudflare assigned you.


A record and www A record that is my website ip I have seen the instructions but when I open it redirects to Special offer and Discount Coupon

what I boxed in blue was my website ip

Did you add the domain to a hosting account?
It looks like you have not.

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how to add

Go to cpanel and click on addon domains.

Your domain has to be connected to an InfinityFree account before you can use A records.


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