How to find what plugin causes EP limit error in WordPress

Please help me my account suspended
I know it will be reactivated after 24hours.
but i need to avoid this kind of error in future…!!!

Error Message


Other Information


We don’t track exact figures, but these may help.

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First Thanks for your reply !
Actually I already read the topics which u mentioned above !
And also many more topics too!
All those topics were explaining about the what is the EPlimits and resource limits only! Not a single topic showing how to prevent that!
I know infinityfree doing a great service to the people without charging small amount and help people to growth and knowledge! Where other hosting providers eat huge amount by giving worst service till now!

But many users like me who are using WORDPRESS don’t have much technical and programing languages and solving their need using plugins only which designed by php!

Hope You understand that main the reason for choosing Wordpress is also same and it can be easy to control using plugins by those people having zero hosting knowledge!

Here I’m not asking to increase to resources limits and other things when I don’t have any rights for that as FREE USER!

same time basic plugins with no visitors sites also getting error na we should know the solving method before grow up!

Simple I’m asking without knowing the tracking history how I or we can solve the issue !

If someone can control the hits using limits then why its not possible someone can track what are the hits too?!


Finally I’m saying I’m not asking for the limits or blaming free plans!
I’m telling you atleast give option to track actually what eating ours limit!


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Thanks for searching around before you asked your question, it is appreciated.

That really is the main downfall (in my opinion) of WP, tons of cool things can be done with plugins, but they also slow down your site and cause it to use more reasorces.

Unfortunately, if IF does track this (but I don’t think they do), they will not give out this information.

I would just recommend removing all the plugins that are not absolutely necessary to your site’s performance. Also, do you use Cloudflare on your site?


Coz they include some fixing methods also including it when installation get out of control so resources may quite a bit large!

Without that how the limit can be calculated!
I’m not asking the full secret information its better to mention along with suspension mail atleast!
I’m just telling this coz of education purpose only! Not compulsory for ans!

Yes.I’m using cloudflare…! (FYI.My site under construction only and not published anyother place so its not under Ddos to exhaust the limit)
Already my site having basic need plugins only!

Well Cloudflare could be sending a lot of bots to your site. How are you using Cloudflare? (Control panel integration or

I know too from reading topics panel integration having some issues!

I’m using only !

Try this and see if it helps.

Already I kept BOT FIGHT MODE ON only!

Actually I’m not using any MAJOR API and not having any visitors also!
Checked in cloudflare report also!

Things or something happening backgroud in HOSTING files to reach EP Limit!

I can remove and I can even uninstall my site also!

But without knowing the exact reason its bit horrable! Hope u understand!

Thankyou! For trying to help me!

Well, one or more plugins are causing this. I would remove ALL but the necessary plugins from your site, OR upgrade to premium hosting (It’s super cheep at less than $5 a month)
Best of luck!


I know! But that is one of way for ignoring this problem and not solution for this problem !! Lol!

Anywayz still have hope someone can help! And make us clear!

Have great day!/

Well not really, the problem is that you do not get enough resources to run your site on free hosting how you want it. So it is the solution if you don’t want to change anything.

Its your plugins, you need to disable some.


I’m ready to change the particular thing which cause problem instead of removing all randomly!
Thats why I’m trying to trace the exact plugin!
As you know not all my plugin have problem!

Anyhow now my account is under suspension I can’t do anything right now!
So lets try after the suspention time over!

Hope admins and Mod will not take this thread underpost bumping!


Can you list all the plugins you are using? Some of these plugins we already know to be very resource-eating so it would help to list all the plugins.


Sorry for delay in Reply…!!!

Actually I don’t want to say the plugin names randomy that’s y i waited till my account reactivated.
Now I got access to my account…!
I mentioned all the plugins installed in my WordPress below

Akismet Anti-Spam (deactivated)
Auto Post Thumbnail PRO
Contact Form 7
Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA
Hello Dolly(deactivated)
Really Simple SSL
Site Kit by Google
WP Rocket
WPS Hide Login
Yoast SEO Premium

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