Account Suspended because you hit the Entry Process Limits


Account is suspended due to Entry Process Limits.
Does this mean some php script in a plugin is acting up ?
Is there any way I can find out what triggered the entry process limits to breach which lead to the suspension of my account?


My account is suspended again for the same reasons as given above. Cloudflare shows 3k visitors in an hour. What can I do to avoid this attack and prevent my account from getting suspended ? Any help will be appreciated.

You have to identify first if that were real visitors or someone DDOSing your website.

A helpful guide:

Maybe activate Under Attack mode for few days

It was a DDoS attack as the unique visitors where 700 only.

So activate Under attack mode in Cf

If someone is Ddosing you, it would be better to use “I’m Under Attack Mode” in cloudflare, the best security cloudflare can give to a website.
And about Entry Process, try to disable all the scripts and then turn on one by one to identify the culprit.
I use this method.

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Please note that Entry Processes are not the same as Visitors. Or as visits or page views for that matter. Like the article describes, Entry Processes are requests to your account which trigger a PHP script. A single visitor may trigger many entry processes.


What are these scripts that you are you referring to ? Is it the plugins ?

If using wordpress, then yes, it’s plugins.

I think I may know the issue now and also maybe how to tackle it. Thank you all for the inputs. Will get back on this forum if my soln fails.


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