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I’d appreciate if someone could please tell me how to delete all the old pages on my site.

I had originally uploaded html pages created in Microsoft Word to create my site, but it didn’t work well.

now I chose to use wordpress, which was installed on my site (does this delete the old html files automatically?)

Having already created the new site via wordpress, there seems to be old lingering webpages somewhere still causing me issues.

I didn’t come across a guide here on how to find and delete old unwanted files and I can’t seem to find the old pages when editing wordpress. or do I have to start over (if so how to do this?).

Much appreciated for guidance. Thank you in advance.
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SSL successfully installed

It depends.
Please provide more info.
What is the domain?
Where did you upload the html pages?


If you’re switching website platforms, it’s generally helpful to enter the folder of the website and delete all the files currently there. Once you install a new website on top of the existing one, you’ll need to figure out yourself which files are relevant and which aren’t, which makes things a lot harder.

If you created it through Word, I’m guessing the site is static HTML. If so, it’s probably safe to just delete all the files with .html and .css in the htdocs directory of your site, because WordPress primarily has PHP files. The directories wp-content, wp-admin and wp-includes are from WordPress, and everything else can be deleted.

You may want to make a backup of your files beforehand though, in case you delete any files that are important for WordPress.


KangJL: I followed the instructions here - ftp

where can I find this folder? When editing my site, and within Softaculous, I only see the wordpress editor and my webpages - nothing else.

It can be htdocs or depending whether it is the domain you have used to create the hosting account or is added later.
Of course you have to open ftp first


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