How to find a server IP linked to my website


I did read this: Where can find my server ip address? - Hosting Support - InfinityFree Forum but didn’t understand everything unfortunately, neither the command in cmd worked for me.

My domain name is and it says the website IP is unknown.

I know there is a need of a file called test.php, I know what has to be inside, but where should the file be located? My website is a mediawiki website so it logically has mediawiki files, but I have no clue on where to place the file.


In addition to everything above, when I click on it shows this:

Note that the “Website IP” found in the client area and the IP address you would find with that test script are not the same. The first is the one the IP address that your website is accessible on, the other one is the IP address scripts on your website use when calling to other services.

I see the Website IP has now been retrieved. It may take a few minutes after activating the account for it to show up. The nslookup command or whatever DNS-based check you use should return the same result.

I can help you with the test.php script. But I first want to if that’s actually the IP address you need.

What do you need the IP address for exactly?


I need the IP address in order to link it to Cloudflare.

I don’t see it, it says it is unknown

Ookay, now I have it, thank you <3

And last question @Admin

I managed to link it with cloudflare and I have the IP, then how can I link the domain with my own website?

Follow this guide:


Free subdomains cannot be connected to Cloudflare - you must have your own domain


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