How to enable ImageMagik php module

How to enable ImageMagik php module? I went into the PHP settings and couldn’t find it, I have read an article about using the windows terminal, but how do I use the control panel, if not how do I connect to the server using PowerShell?

Also I saw an article about how I can’t use the subdomain for cloudflare cdn, is there any article on how to do that?

I get this error message when trying to connect.

PS C:\Users\Ron Lerner> ssh [email protected]
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
PS C:\Users\Ron Lerner>

The extension is not supported on free hosting

We use Linux servers, so we defiantly don’t have Windows Terminal.

Not supported on free hosting.


what is a imagemagik alterntive?

You can look some up online; but keep in mind that many of them may not work, as one I saw is ffmpeg which is also not supported on free hosting.

Also keep in mind this from section 6 of the Terms of Service:

Scripts on the site must be designed to produce web-based content, and not to use the server as an application server.

What do you need an imagemagik alternative for? What are you trying to do?


Here on hosting you can use GD


We support the GD extension for basic image manipulation. I know WordPress can work with both (given that most people who post about Imagick learned about it because the health plugin showed a warning).

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okay thanks, how do I connect the site to cloudflare cdn?


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