How to create foreign keys

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The problem

So I already read that infinityfree doesn’t support innoDB. I think its fixed somehow, because all of my tables are using innoDB as database engine. The problem is this: If I go to relation view, I only can add columns and it does not let me to add the database, table, and the other column. I can only see empty dropdown. May I use sql query instead of UI? This feature would be very useful as this is where my whole website is based. Thank you for help!

Hi and welcome to the forum

we recently added innoDB
but I still don’t know for sure when it comes to foreign keys

I think here you have everything -SQL query examples like ( ALTER TABLE)

try testing and see if it works

if you have an example to share here with us (modify sensitive data)
then someone will help you much easier


Its the bug I found:

I have tried altering tables, but it says that it cannot be created

1005 - The epiz_31491660_videos.notification table could not be retrieved (error code 150:" Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed ")

I’ve tried to import sql files with foreign keys, but it doesn’t appear if I view it after uploading

@jaikrishna.t it’s an old post back then innoDB didn’t exist yet


aye, sorry


I’ll try another host then, because it doesn’t works. Anyways, thanks for fast help!

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