How to connect freedns subdomain into infinityfree hosting?

I have free sub-domain ( from and i want use it for my website ( How i connect my subdomain into hosting??

If you can do this

then it can be done. Else it is not possible


Maybe using a free subdomain from us and then pointing a CNAME record to the site might work.

Just so you know, using a CNAME record effectively does the same thing as setting an A record here. So unless you can add the domain by setting nameservers, there is no way to add the domain.


Ok thank, i will try it

I’m not sure if it’s still possible, but you could try adding an NS record to your subdomain with either of the InfinityFree nameservers as the content (for example, and try to add it to the hosting. They’re disabled on free accounts by default, so you’ll need to email FreeDNS’ admin to enable them on your account if you can’t add one.


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