How to add a DNS Zone txt


Could someone help me?
I would like to know where I can edit dns zones in the control panel

I want to add a TXT zone for the “google search console” to check and index my site

Thank you.

Hello there,

Free hosting has a limited DNS management options, DNS Text Records are not supported here, Only CNAME, SPF and MX records are available for you to configure.

You can try a different verification method like “HTML File upload” or “HTML tag” which should work fine here.


You can use Cloudflare for DNS Manager/Management. There, you can add a TXT Record for Domain property not url prefix.


I agree with @katufo but don’t register through the vistapanel as you may experience a lot of problems as I had.


I thank everyone for their help guys! I decided to do the “Upload HTML file” process and it worked.

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