Super slow website or server?

I’m not sure whether it’s just me but I got this error saying ‘Browser is working, Cloudflare London is working but there was an error with the host’. I refreshed the page and it only worked after 2 minutes. Now my website takes 2 minutes to load. Is there something wrong with my website or the servers?

Hi there! I think it is a security issue or DNS conflict. Sometimes in CloudFlare, when you enable Full or Strict SSL without an origin SSL certificate, it can affect website stability and speed because it conflicts from the servers. On the otherhand, if you have been enabled CloudFlare in the VistaPanel, there some bug or DNS instability happening after turning on it in your panel.

It is only based on my experience

I’ve enabled it from the vista panel, what should I do to stop the error 521?

What is your website url

I think you should disable it in the VistaPanel. You can still register it on CloudFlare’s main website and point your domain’s nameservers to them but you will lose some features in VistaPanel.

My sample website fully integrated from end to end ssl:

It may take time but worth it!!
Just follow the instructions here:

I hope you solved it

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Wait, but aren’t the name servers meant to point to and

Yes, but in this is manual CloudFlare integration, it will works because CloudFlare it will only import your current DNS settings(A, CNAME, MX) from InfinityFree to their own service and it does gives many features(speed, compression, CDN, etc) but it is very tricky.

So do I remove ns1 and

Yeap. Follow this forum entry:

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Ok, thanks.

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