How to access my webmail?

I read somewhere in the forum that the Webmail is no longer supported, is that true? In such case, I would like to save the emails I had already received there, since some of them are important for the business. How can I access them now?

Hi and welcome to the forum! You can’t access your webmail anymore, as our free email service was finally dismissed and the mail server finally went offline.


But I didn’t receive any warning! Anyway… how can I recover now my previous emails, even it’s in some sort of CSV or another format? If I pay a premium account will I have access again to my emails?

Well, you should’ve considered doing a backup of the emails before the email service was completely dismissed (so a few days ago, even a month ago). We don’t hold backups of your emails, nor can you access the mail server (the IP you used to access the webmail is now connected to a new server with a fresh nginx install and no Roundcube at all) and I also don’t know if paying for Premium Hosting will let you access your emails again, but I don’t think so.


Well, read this thread


Okay, thanks for your sincere answer, even if you are basically telling me “fuck you” in a polite way. I will move somewhere else then.

Have a nice day.

Actually, there has never been a way to backup or export the email account in the first place. I don’t think the contents of email accounts were migrated to premium hosting when email was still available as a feature. That said, with only 10 MB of storage, it wasn’t really possible to use the email accounts for durable message archival.

By now the email server is down, and there is no way to get access to what’s stored on it. It may have been erased and decommissioned. Either the server was put to use for something else, or it was too old and has been scrapped.

Email has always been an afterthought on our service. The tiny amount of storage, tiny sending limits, frequent outages, and problems with the server being listed in many email blocklists meant the service was never really good to begin with.

Three years ago we already decided to sunset it and disable creation of new email accounts. More recently, management of existing accounts was disabled too.

I agree that it would have been better to check who was still using it and notify them that the email server was about to be shut down. But we’ve also not heard a peep about this from iFastNet. We only found out that the email server was getting taken down after it actually went down.


I got it, and well, guess I got something right about Premium Hosting not migrating emails in the first place.

I think it was the former case, as I checked and found a new nginx server installed on it on an Ubuntu Server platform with no Roundcube at all on the old mail server and webmail’s IP. But no SMTP, IMAP and POP3 servers at all!

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