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My domain has dns : “
I was accesing my email by “IP”/roundcubemail/?_task=mail&_mbox=INBOX
and it si not working anymore.

I was configuring this a few years ago and I do not remember details.
In mx records I have “mydomain” >> mx.“mydomain”

So I managed to find information on the forum that webmail was available only for grandfathersin account. I am guessing it stopped working. Any posibility to access my email to backup messages and any solution to use email - like install roundcube?


Since you have custom domain, why not try Zoho?


Thanks for info. It was working like a few days ago.

ZOHO is paid

There is also a free plan on the Pricing page. It’s called the “Free Forever” plan; if you can’t find it because you can’t see small text properly (it might be on a small text) you might consider clicking here to sign up for Zoho’s free plan. So it’s not only paid.


Email on our hosting has been in a sunset phase for a long time. But since last week, it’s all finally completely gone.

The creation of new email addresses has been disabled for over three years already, then some time ago management of existing email accounts was disabled too. Accounts that were already set up have been maintained for all that time.

This changed some time last week, when the email servers finally got taken down.

Exporting email messages has never been possible on our email service, so there was no way to do so either. On the other hand, with 10 MB of storage, there wasn’t a lot of email that could be stored there in the first place.


It would be nice if You send some information before putting servers down.

As said:

There were notices, and the email options completely disappearing from the panel was also a pretty big hint. You should have realized it was being shut down; I don’t see why you were expecting it to just keep existing forever.


I was just using email by IP. I was not using panel.

There were deprecation notices in the control panel for three years. Three years you have used email without as much as looking at the list of accounts. Or finding that the option was gone from the panel.

Admittedly, it would have been better if there was a notice on the webmail interface too. But there was a time when you could only access webmail after going through the control panel at all.


:slight_smile: hard to believe? I was using email by IP all the time. It was working so why to go to panel?

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