How many PHP requests can InfinityFree handle?

I was thinking of making a website, except I started thinking of one thing: how many times can a webpage search be initiated on my website?
By webpage search I mean a simple PHP query that looks for relevant pages for certain keywords.
Also, is there a certain limit to how much my PHP search can search for?

The hits limit is 50,000 per day. However, the number of times your site can be loaded is less since multiple hits may be used on each page-load. Please see the article below for details:

Thanks kang for the typo correction


These limits may also apply:


I believe this is a typo error.
Should be 50000 hits per day


There are limits on CPU usage, memory uses, concurrent process, hits, storage usage, database usage and more that all affect how much your PHP code can run. Whether this PHP code provides the end user feature “search” or something else, we cannot reliably detect that and we don’t really care.

It all depends on how the search feature works and how it’s being used.

With all of these “business level” metrics, such as searches, posts, visitors, products, sales, etc. there is no way to know beforehand how much your website can accept. The only way to know for sure what the limit is is by hitting it.


thank god its per day, i was kinda shocked and did some calculations and i would be able to only get like 1k visits per day lol


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