How many days can a free subdomain be used for?

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I just want to know the duration I can use the subdomain for. Thanks.
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Welcome, @vmrmoz!

Here is a quote from InfinityFree’s homepage:

InfinityFree is free forever! There is no time limit for free hosting. You can sign up whenever you want and use it for as long as you want! Some people have been hosting their websites with us for years, without ever paying anything!

Forever, there is no time limit on a free hosting account, or a free sub-domain!


Thanks a ton, love the service.


Just so you know, there are limits, like hit counts and cpu limits. Go over those and your domain will get suspended for 24 days.

InfinityFree !== infinitely high limits


For those of you that don’t know, !== means “not”.

Just so no one is confused.


I am with InfinityFree 5 years now, and I am surprised to see free SSL added a while back. I never hit the daily limit because my website is not that popular I guess.


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