How do I point the domain to public folder

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Is not a error, is that I don’t how to get my website live, since the domain isn’t pointing directly to the public folder I wish to create, so how will that works?

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It’s /htdocs here


How do I deploy a laravel project then?

I need it to point to a sub folder I create.

Like Just create a new folder in the htdocs directory using a file manager.

are you…
I already did, but I have all the laravel project folder there, the hosting need to go to the public folder and no the others, how do i do that.

I have no clue what you want. You are giving basic descriptions, and are not explaining what you want. A subfolder is domain.tld /foldername, so if you want that, you need to create a folder in the root (/htdocs) directory.


Put it somewhere in the /htdocs folder

Others what? You cant put files outside the public directory. You can use the directory privacy (in the control panel) though.

Maybe this will help?


Yes, that thread has exactly what I was looking for. Thanks KangJL, will try the steps explaing there.

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