Deploy Laravel 5 to /htdocs

The first thing to understand is that Laravel is definitely not designed with the typical characteristics of a website hosting service. While it’s possible to run Laravel here, it’s not pretty or easy. If you want to have good hosting for Laravel, you’d need a service with at least SSH/command line support, and preferably Composer and Git support as well.

That said, you can run Laravel here, by simply uploading all the files of your Laravel codebase to the htdocs folder of your website using an FTP client of your choice (like FileZilla). This should include the vendor folder created by Composer, since you cannot install the Composer dependencies by hand.

After that, you’ll need to make any changes necessary to your .env file, and finally add a .htaccess file as described here:

Note that you’ll still lack:

  • Access to the artisan CLI.
  • InnoDB database support.
  • Automatic deployment from Git.
  • Installation of Composer dependencies on the hosting server.
  • Preparation of static files (Laravel Mix) on the hosting server.

If you can live with these limitations, you can use Laravel here.