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I read:

I have a question. With the premium account, you can have all the access to use Laravel comfortably ?, or there are restrictions.

I comment, because I do not see anything in the documentation and before entering into a dispute about whether it can or not, I prefer to ask, because infinityfree has more security than my bitcoin wallet.


Well, the premium Softaculous has Laravel 7+

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Thanks, when I can, I will see if that plugin meets the requirements I need.
I ask, because it may have changed or added some functionality over time.

Hi there, yes, you can deploy laravel APP on shared hosting. On Infinity free, it is a bit more tedious to do.

  1. copy all Laravel files to /htdocs/(new-Dir)
  2. Setup the htaccess files in root directory (different provider will have slightly different configuration).
  3. If you have SSH, you can initiate the laravel composer and php artisan to configure the usual laravel APP. If not, you can do it manually via the vendor/
    The deployment will work no matter what.
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I’ll keep it in mind. Thank you.

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Nice reply, especially from a more experienced person with this specific topic, and welcome back to the forum!

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