How do i connect a clouldflare website to infinityfree

Hello, I have a website set up on cloudflare that is connected to my domain. Is there any way I could connect my infinityfree website to my cloudflare website’s root domain

It depends. Are you using a custom domain? What is the website?


Sure, you can use Cloudflare along with our hosting, with a few caveats.

In order to add your domain to our hosting, you must update the nameservers of your domain to do so. Note that this is only necessary for the initial setup, once the domain is added you can change the nameservers back to Cloudflare.

The other caveat is that you cannot do this if your registered your domain with Cloudflare, because they don’t allow you to change the nameservers of your domain. We’re aware of this and are looking to add an alternative verification method, but until then you cannot host domains here if they are registered with Cloudflare.


So, just to confirm to have the custom domain working, I don’t have to keep my nameservers set to infinityfree?

You only need to set them for the initial registration (adding the domain to the hosting account). As long as you manage your DNS correctly (having set the correct records to point to this hosting), you don’t need to keep the nameservers set to InfinityFree’s.


How do I point my DNS servers to infinityfree?

Set an “A” record with the value of “@”, and the contents of the IP address of your website (Found in the client area).


Hi, when I created that record it give me a Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526 when I attempt to connect to the website.

Wait, what returns that error? The browser? Your DNS provider?


The browser

Im on full ssl as well.

No SSL certificate is currently installed on your domain, which means that Full SSL (both strict and not-strict) will not work. For full SSL (not strict), any SSL certificate will work, including a self signed certificate. This is how you can set it up:


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