How do I add "A records"

How do I add A RECORDS

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Unfortunately, InfinityFree does not allow the changing of A records, so you cannot add/remove them.
However, if you have a custom domain, you can use Cloudflare to have full DNS management.


You cannot set custom A records here, but sometimes you can use the CNAME records functionality for similar results. If not, you’d need to use third party nameservers, but that only works if you have a custom domain name.

If you want more details, please give us more details. If you can explain what you are trying to do exactly, we can help you figure out a good way to make it work.


Thanks for the help.

Im trying to install Pterodactyl on a domain. I dont have a domain, and no hosting. What would be the best option?


If you’re talking about the game software, that won’t run here. You are going to need a premium plan (I don’t know exactly which one, but you probably need one of the more expensive plans).


Looking at their installation instructions, you will need a VPS to run it, and also your own domain name.

The entire guide is written with the assumption you have a completely separate server on which you’re running this. And some of the things that system requires, like having a Redis database and having a continuous background process, are not available with any hosting platform I know of.

Other hosting options may work, but it will be up to you to figure out how to adapt the installation instructions to it.

In any case, you definitely can’t host this here. And the ability to configure some DNS records is the least of your issues.


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