How Can I set up email using my own domain

I have an infinityfree account and have configured my domain. However when i go to the panel i’m unable to set up an email account for the domain. Can some expert kindly please help. Thank you

If you using subomain and free account - emails you can’t use , however if you want free e-mail subdomain you can check this article , but keep in mind your sended emails will be in folder “SPAM”


Thank you. I’m not using any subdomain.

Because that’s already gone.

Since you are using a custom domain, you can use ZoHo mail. If you need to send mails with SMTP then ImprovMX should be better as it’s free, but would require extra steps.

That sounds like a misconfiguration of SPF records. The email source (which is usually google in this case) would then fail the SPF check and end up in the spam folder.


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