How can I copy a file from the filemanager as link?


i would like to do that: means I create a folder called Download and in the folder I put the file Test.exe but the problem is there is no option how I can copy this as a link. someone know what the problem is?

This is not how ftp worked.You can never ever share files shown in ftp with a link since you have to login into an account in order to grant access to files.

Also,it is not permitted to provide .exe files on your site due to some security reasons.
(Oops,it was not mentioned in the articles.But .exe ARE blocked.)


In the “Why are my files deleted after uploading them” article there is also a section I quoted that actually shows which file types are blocked:

So there you’re right, but I needed to reference that article as there is that section.


The file manager doesn’t have share functionality itself to distribute the file directly from FTP.

And copying the link to your website isn’t possible either. All the file manager knows is that there is an FTP account which has a bunch of files and folders in it. The file manager itself has no idea which domains are on your account and which folder they are linked to, so there is no way to obtain a website link.

So it’s up to you to know where you upload the file to and what’s the website URL that corresponds to it.


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