Hi̇ everyone


I have a site called, this site will be a social media platform, we have zero capital right now as a group and our project is interrupted because the loading speed and delay of our site is extremely slow and there is traffic, infinty founders, I have only one request from you, give this account a medium hosting plan, if you accept, more users I hope you will get to know us and it will be for your benefit, I hope you accept


Your site loaded in about three seconds for me, so not ridiculously slow.

I did notice that your site is running on WordPress, so multiple themes and plugins are why it is going so slow. Or, one or two badly coded plugins could be the cause.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any more resources for free then we already have. If we gave more to you, we would have to give more to everyone. And nobody is paying for that, so it won’t happen.

Thankfully, free hosting is not expensive at all, at less then $80 every year.


There are not many plugins on the site, exaggeratedly, it only happens when I update something on the site and it opens, but it does not open at all when I am not active. How can I solve this?

Try this:


Deprecated : Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Blogger_Importer has a deprecated constructor in /home/vol7_1/epizy.com/epiz_32223411/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/blogger-importer/blogger-importer.php on line 44

I’m getting such an error on my site and on my wordpress panel. I need to reduce the php version to solve this problem, but there is a bug in cpanel, the cpanel logo appears, how can I change it?

Try using Blogger Importer Extended instead (although you can only import 20 posts in the free version). Blogger Imported was tested up to PHP version 4.3.29, while Blogger Imported Extended is tested on PHP 7.0 and higher.
Our servers run PHP 7.4.8, so there is quite a lot of changes since version 4 including the deprecation of old style constructors (which is used by the old plugin).

You cannot change it. Old PHP versions (5.x) were removed recently and the next on the roadmap to be implemented is 8.x.


very annoying can you show me live I couldn’t understand from teamwiever if you are available

Please see this reply here, these is nothing else to explain. If you don’t understand something, let us know what you don’t understand.