Help with changing DNS for cloudflare

So I want to change my DNS to point to cloudflare but when I’m at the page that tells me to change it, it links me to Namecheap ( and it tells me to login to my account. The problem is that I don’t have an account or wasn’t informed that there has been an account made for me. Please reply with a way I can use namecheap to change my DNS or an other way to do it!
Thank you for your time.

I’m assuming you mean nameservers. You need to go to your domain registrar and change them. If you don’t know who your domain registrar is, please post your domain here.


Thanks for replying to the post, but im a bit confused and im not sure with the domain registrar that I have. Can you give me some examples of domain registrars?

Your domain registrar is where you bought you domain from.

  • NameSilo
  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheep
  • Network Solutions
  • etc.

If you got your domain from InfinityFree for free, you are unable to use cloudflare.


I got mine from infinity free. Oh alright thank you.

Not a problem. You can get a .com domain for super cheep (~$10 /yr) from namecheep, and then you can use InfinityFree and Cloudflare.

Im actually thinking about it…
Thank you, you are a legend.


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