Help to migrate email from hostgator to infinityfree

good night friends.

I have a problem. I have a domain registered on hostgator and managed to host on infinityfree… but my email account is not working. I believe it’s because I changed the dns to

" Domains must be registered with a valid registrar before they can be parked. In addition, they will not be functional unless they are configured to point to these DNS servers: "

and email on hostgator appears that I have to include and … i include, but asked to include: TXT @ v=spf1 ~all 3600 … but infinityfree using free account doesn’t include txt… how do i get access to my email? titan mailbox shows error… i don’t know how to solve this. I thank everyone.

You can add the TXT SPF record the through the SPF Records section in vPanel.


good evening. could you please help me how do i put this.

the code i have to put is

Type Host Point To TTL (Seconds)
TXT @ v=spf1 ~all 3600

in “Add SPF Record” there is only one field to fill, the field “SPF Record” … the domain field is already filled with my domain.

You don’t need to use Cloudflare, but it is useful. If you would like to use it, follow this guide:


Choose the domain from the domain selector and then paste the record content (you labeled it “point to”) in the SPF record box.

@akshayan For this specific use case, CloudFlare is not needed, but is is certainly a good suggestion.


As a rule of thumb: NEVER mix different sets of nameservers.

You can use different hosting providers for your website and your email. But you can only have one DNS hosting provider for your domain, and can setup all other servers through DNS records on that provider.

You can use our nameservers for this, or HostGator’s nameservers, or a different provider entirely like Cloudflare. But you can’t just add different nameservers from different providers to your domain and expect all files from all providers to just work.


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