Help Deleting my htdocs Directory?

I need to start afresh, in my htdocs directory. Can an administrator delete all files and directories inside my htdocs directory in my account, please? I am encountering strange error when I try to delete things or change directories within Monsta.

My user name is REMOVED BY MOD

Please do it yourself. This is free hosting. Your are your own admin

What error? Do not use online file manager for this case. Use Filezilla instead


I am getting error messages, not to do with file permissions, when I attempt to either use Monster or FileZilla to delete files or directories, change directories, or change permissions. I this case it looks like an InfinityFree administrator is my only salvation.

Can one of you please empty my htdocs directory for me, please, and reply back here when it is done, please? :woozy_face:

What error message?

Like KangJL said:

InfinityFree is free hosting. We don’t provide one-on-one support like this.


The error that I get is:

Error! Error during FTP delete file, at “/htdocs-wp-content/plugins/elementor/assets\css\admin-rtl.css”: Delete of /htdocs/wp-content/plugins/elementor/assets\css\admin-rtl.css failed (path: /htdocs/wpcontent/plugins/elementor/assets\css\admin-rtl.css).

I am unable to do this myself, yet my problem is that I still need it done, because I will have to overwrite these files, which I presently can’t do. ?

I think I have encountered corrupted files on my account, which I cannot force delete from a superuser command line. rm -fr /htdocs/*

Can someone please help and reply, because this has destroyed my account!

See this?


You created this mess yourself.
Well, you can delete this hosting account and create a new one


I have already set up the particular Hosting account that I am using, and I am not in much of a position to create an entirely new Account setup all over again. Since I don’t have access to the command line, I can’t force permissions to change, navigate these directories anyway, and force delete these files and directories.

Is it kindly possible for one of you to give me a fresh and empty htdocs directory to use, while changing nothing else in my account, very kindly, please?

I believe Admin will also give the same answer. Which is

This thread may help

Only you can help yourself


We aren’t in a position, time wise, to set up a second accound, since so much effort has already been done to and from the existing one already.

We are only asking for the deletion of all content of the …/htdocs/ directory for us so that it is empty again. Given that the contents are a bit corrupt, we are not in a position to use InfinityFree if this basic problem is not repaired and done for us. Can someone please blank the …/htdocs/ in the REMOVED BY MOD
account for, us, desparately, please? We have already cast about, and can’t make actuating heads or tails of the advice around this subject. Can someone please just blank our directory, please?
:innocent: :smiling_face_with_tear:

NO. We have told you 3 times, no. No means no.

If you want to delete the htdocs folder, I see no reason why you can’t just create a new hosting account. If you take a database backup from the old account, you should be fine.

  1. Do not share personal info like your email address here.

  2. Deleting your account and creating a new ones takes less than 10 minutes, so I don’t see how that is a problem.