Hello there, I just started building my website

… and I am already stuck. I spent a whole day trying to figure out how to use the script, downloading modules and fill them with life. But there is no way I can figure out how to use humhub, and I am at my wits end.

Now I get an 505 error code every time I try to access softaculous, I can’t see any way of using the modules (after it took me hours to get them and activate them).

Every hint gratefully appreciated. Thank you!

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I don’t think HumHub is supported here…



Oh blimey, seems I’ve picked the right script then [not].
I need a script that is any use for a community website, which means i need to be able to have an events calendar, an activities page, the option to upload and link files [img, audio, pdf] and a forum. There are 4 different subcategories for the site.
Humhub was the only social/ community option, that was still maintained [maybe?] but it’s useless, if I can’t actually build the page…

Any recommendations? Thanks heaps!

Look through Softaculous, it should have a variety of forum software.


Thanks heaps, I can’t get onto their page: if I click onto softaculous on the control panel I get a 500 error message :frowning:

You may just have to wait as if the error is 5XX then it’s the server.


Okay, thanks heaps :slight_smile:

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