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website: www.saigonhousewindsor.ca

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I tried installing the StatCounter plugin on the WordPress site. It installed and activated without a problem. However, when I tried to provide information about my StatCounter project, I was informed that StatCounter was unable to determine what type of website I have. Since I have a standard WordPress site (installed through Softaculous), I’m not sure why StatCounter cannot find the site.

I have not verified this yet, but when installing WordPress with Softaculous, I did NOT provide any path information. I wonder if that might be the issue, since the file manager indicated that files must be installed in the htdocs folder. I didn’t verify where Softaculous actually installed WordPress, because it seemed to work fine after installation.

Due to this?


After posting, I decided to check the File Manager on my account and have verified that Softaculous installed the WordPress files into the htdocs folder. So, things are as I expected they should be.

Follow this guide and use CloudFlare?


I want to thank you for taking time to respond to my request for assistance, but I’m not sure why you’re advising on how to install CloudFlare. I’m not trying to get a CDN working, rather just a standard StatCounter plugin for monitoring visitors to the site. I use StatCounter on dozens of websites (though this is the first site I’ve ever tried to host on InfinityFree), so I’m unclear why StatCounter’s test for infrastructure is unable to conclude that I am using a WordPress site on the InfinityFree server.


I sent that last message after seeing your LAST message to me. I hadn’t realized at the time that you had sent me a PREVIOUS message - meant to explain why StatCounter may not work on InfinityFree hosting. So, please accept my apology.

Despite the fact that StatCounter is reporting that it cannot verify proper installation of the code, I am nevertheless starting to receive some tracking data, so the plugin appears to be working, despite the warnings.

But, if I understood you correctly, are you suggesting that by implementing the CloudFlare CDN on my custom domain, it may afford me more freedom with the plugins I install? I don’t understand how a CDN could help with that, since nothing is actually installed at the CDN site - I thought it only served as a caching mechanism.

Is blocked likely due to this

The purpose of using CloudFlare is to bypass this restriction

Well, you can ignore my suggestion to use CloudFlare then

Analytics systems work by having some Javascript code embedded in the page which reports visit data to the analytics system. Analytics systems don’t normally need to be able to access your website to work.

I don’t know why StatCounter wants to access your website, but my guess is that they want to run some checks to see what kind of software you’re running so they can provide more specific installation instructions.

But if that’s the case, then you should be able to skip that part and just configure StatCounter yourself.

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