Having to wait 3 weeks to have my suspended accounts deleted is definitely absurd

Having to wait 3 weeks to have my suspended accounts deleted is definitely absurd, I want them deleted now! i need to migrate to another provider and this sh1t is getting in my way.


For legal reasons, account are not deleted for 60 days.

However, there is nothing preventing you from moving your domain to a new hosting provider.

(If you are moving to a different free hosting provider that uses the same backend as we do, you must have removed your domain name from your account before you can use it elsewhere).


I’m switching to a paid hosting, I’ve already changed DNS and everything but the redirection of my sites just doesn’t change, a message appears saying that it’s “suspended” on “ifasternet” I don’t know what.

I’ve never seen such difficulty in my life to delete a — account, if I knew that this — forces users to stay against their will I would never have registered here.

Seriously, this site is getting on my nerves. I AM BEING BOUNDED TO REMAIN AGAINST MY WILL.


I don’t understand.

You own your domain name, we don’t. If you change your nameservers, you are free of us, we can’t bind you to anything because your domain is no longer pointing to us.

I think you are looking for someone to blame, instead of looking for the actual issue.

Learn about DNS and how it works. If you change nameservers, the change does not happen ASAP, that’s not how the internet works.

Don’t blame people that have nothing to do with the issue. Don’t get mad at people that can’t help you.

We can’t change this, you can’t change this. But you can educate yourself before you curse out the wrong people.

Blaming people, especially the wrong people, is going to come back and hurt to you later.

Read this:


Read on to learn and understand. Chill and relax…

We have nothing against you


Seriously? =)

so why when I moved from another server to HERE, this DNS problem didn’t happen? you want to lock users in this d@mn server yes, there is only this thing here of “only being able to delete the account after 3 weeks or 2 months”.

Pretty weird don’t you think? I’ve already changed from other providers and this problem never occurred to me… so I have someone to blame because I’ve seen people complaining about the same problem as me here, so you deal with it often but pretend it has nothing to do with it.

If you read the article and learned about how the internet works you would know


We cannot lock you to our server, because as I already stated, you own your domain name, we don’t, so you have full control over it.