H5ai file indexer causes suspension?

Website URL

Error Message

Suspected Phishing
This website has been reported for potential phishing.
Phishing is when a site attempts to steal sensitive information by falsely presenting as a safe source.

Above message seems to be the CloudFlare page.

Other Information

Under that subdomain there’s h5ai which is an open source web site file indexer. home: h5ai · modern HTTP web server index for Apache httpd, lighttpd, nginx and Cherokee · larsjung.de the source is available on github

I guess some functions could be outdated so being detected as unsafe. Please review.

If you need it for file share and things like that then you should read TOS which is probably the reason for suspicion and suspension.

This is website hosting :slight_smile: and for the same reason visitors generally have nothing to look at or to dig through directories.

btw. besides that, you should enable dir listing if you don’t want to see 403


thanks for the reply. it was only for private usage, not to share files with others. setting up dir listing would result the same thing right (in terms of TOS for file sharing)?

But this is something different in my eyes “This website has been reported for potential phishing.”

“We” from the forum cannot help you with that, but you should see what the reason is for the suspension and possibly if you are allowed to contact support through a ticket, etc.

dir listing is not related to the script you mentioned, so there should be no suspension if you enable it
because the server has full support for using .htaccess

I don’t know what your website is about because I can’t see it,
but certainly, it would be ideal if you could link those files to a web page.

If you really need it for file sharing (private or not), then you better use Gdrive


I think “free plans” doesn’t have that option. that’s why they urge us to use this forum. thanks for your time though.

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seems I can’t edit my posts yet.

it’s my personal web page. it had only a front page with my social links, other than that I had some small files hidden from public, that subdomain was not linked anywhere.

same things for me when it will rectified

nvm I’m moving to another hosting.

@Srivembu I don’t know but it doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

as I won’t be using this service anymore can any mod remove this thread please? thanks. @Oxy

If you don’t use this platform anymore, it would be good if you clean up the leftovers


yes, I’ve already started the process. thanks for your time & help. really appreciated.

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