Google Search Console Index and safeweb norton verifed

Website URL

All of my site on free host at infinityFree example:,,,, …

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Error Message

I try to submit index with site-map on Search console but it’s just index 1 HomePage.
With Norton i can’t verified website with bold way: upload html file and insert meta tag.
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Other Information

May this is limited of Free account or i missing something? Someone can help me. Thank you so much.
InfinityFree is best free hosting i using to now.
Thank you.
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Disable it or whitelist the urls?


i do not disable any thing, with whitelist let i see.
Thank for you suggestion!

Since you’re using custom domains, you can use Cloudflare:

Using Cloudflare will prevent the limitations of this system kicking in, and may allow you to verify via file/meta tag:


is it right? if using Clouflare i have experience but i thing infinityfree need to keep NS in there.
Let i try, thankyou so much!

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