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Added a gif to my site a animated one it works fine on a blockchain domain but not on inifinity free where it shows up as empty in the picture are where the item next to it is identical that shows being a still image just wondering as it’s 20mb is there some kind of limitation of the size. or something like a potential delay if the 20mb size is ok?

There is a 10mb file size limit.


In addition to the above, please note that we provide website hosting, not file or image hosting, and embedding resources hosted with us in other websites doesn’t work.

So if you want to just host the image file, please use image hosting for it instead.

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It’s a website html folder set it’s a single .gif within the folders that isn’t detected the rest of the site is perfect as is the hosting.

You said the gif is 20mb which is double the file-size limit.

I know what it is though as you got in touch it’s due to a 10mb file size limitation which I thought could be the case it’s a common thing, but thanks for the info and other than that issue for me in particular i cannot fault the platform.

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