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Username: epiz_33703509

I setup subdomain emersonuuchapel infinityfreeapp com. emersonuuchapel org is through another domain vendor, as it DNS and email.

I setup updated emersonuuchapel org to point to the subdomain above:
$ nslookup updated emersonuuchapel org

Non-authoritative answer:
updated emersonuuchapel org canonical name = emersonuuchapel infinityfreeapp com.
Name: emersonuuchapel infinityfreeapp com

However, all I’m getting is the
In trying to figure out what is not setup correctly, the FAQ says to associate our domain (emersonuuchapel org) with the subdomain above. Fine. How do I do that? I haven’t found a way to do this yet, nor have I found any detailed instructions on how to do this!

In trying to SSL/TLS added using Let’s Encrypt, which is also still messed up, I added this to DNS:
CNAME _acme-challenge f8eee9db-e512-4451-a242-72f646e39fd5 acmedns infinityfree net

Could this be causing a problem somehow failing to connect to the website?

What other information do you need to make this happen?



P.S. I changed periods to spaces in the domain/subdomain names to try to get around the 2 link limit.

Did you do this?

As for

Likely due to this


The current DNS server entries point to other places for other uses of the domain.

Are you saying that the only way to have a website with infinity is for infinity to take over my domain? The current website provider didn’t even require that.

You only have to set the nameservers to verify that you own the domain, and to connect it to your account.

Once the domain is corrected to your account, then you can use A records to point your domain to InfinityFree, and use whatever nameservers you want.


I put these entries into the current name server:
A @ (ns1 epizy com)
A @ (ns2 epizy com)

When I connect to updated emersonuuchapel org I get a 404 error. When I go directly to emersonuuchapel infinityfreeapp com it works fine.

Obviously I still have something messed up somewhere.

Any ideas or suggestions?


You have to set the nameservers to connect your domain.

CHANGE your nameservers from the ones to the epizy ones. Then add your domain to your account.

AFTER the domain is added to your account, change the nameservers back to the old ones, and point your site to the IP shown in the client area. Not the IP of the nameservers


After I switch the DNS Servers, and lose email and other required services, specifically how do I add the domain?
Does the subdomain I’ve been working on get connected to the domain? Do I need to delete the subdomain in order to add the domain? When I first connected, I didn’t realize it was EITHER a domain or a subdomain.
Do I need to back everything up and start over?
Once the domain is “recognized”, do I use an A record similar to <A updated (ip) (ttl) /> to get the website pointing to the proper location?

I haven’t seen any documentation that explains this, with steps, very well. I’m probably just missing something somehow. I realize you’re probably getting frustrated with me, but according to everything I reading, this domain could be non-functional for the better part of a week. (Up to 3 days on this side, and up to 2 days going back just for DNS changes, not counting anything going wrong.) I’m just trying to minimize the downtime as much as possible.


I switched the DNS servers to epizy ones. How do I know when I can switch back so our services are accessible again? Again, all the services our people rely on are DOWN!!!

This tells me absolutely nothing:

Step 4: Wait for the changes to propagate

That’s all you need to do! However, it can take anywhere between a few hours and a few days for the changes to be visible.

You can add domain to hosting account now

Once done you can switch back


Thank You! I got that response. Switching back.


After switching back to my normal DNS settings, and waiting for several hours. I’m still getting the suspended-website. In addition to that, all other services, except email, are also now failing. I realize the other services don’t really matter to this discussion other than to make me really not happy.

BTW, I used the pattern from Greenreader9 above, except that I’m using instead of www since I’m not totally ready to switch over, but need it available for testing and showing other people before going completely live.

What’s next?


Of course it did! You did not follow instructions.

You have to change the nameservers, and add the domain to your account. You never did that.

So now you have to do it again. Change your nameservers to epizy ones, then actually follow the instructions in the article I linked above.

If you want to use a subdomain, you need to add the base domain to your account using the article I linked above, then create the subdomain in the “Subdomain” section of the control panel.

Once you do that, you can change your nameservers back, and point the subdomain using the A records I showed above.


add the domain to your account.

All I saw was a link to NameSilo to purchase another domain name, which I don’t need, or a an example how to change DNS servers. I did not see any other instructions what to do after that, except to wait.

If I have to add my domain, the only place that I saw that may be where I created a subdomain. Again, do I need to delete the subdomain and lose all the effort I already did???

Detailed instructions after I switch DNS servers would be greatly appreciated. Especially on infinityfree.

I already linked this article, but I’ll do it again:



Tried option 2 - Addon Domains. Without any examples of what should go there, NOTHING I tried worked, even if it never existed, it kept saying it did. Really???

Went with Parked Domain. The only thing that was allowed was just the domain name, not the subdomain where it really needs to go. But at least it took it. Now wait 3 days. Again, ALL OF OUR OTHER SERVICES ARE COMPLETELY UNAVAILABLE!!!

Oh yeah, there is no description of how to test if everything is working. Again.

Without any specific documentation, the only thing I can think of is to try the domain directly, without the subdomain of where it should be going. If that works, then I’ll try going back to the proper DNS servers and do the A record from a previous message.

I’m sorry, but why are you getting mad at us? If you don’t want our help, fine, but don’t go capitalizing and bolding text when the reason why that is happening is because you did not read the article in the first place. And adding and changing services normally results in downtime. The amount of downtime usually depends on how much preparation was done. Less preparation = more downtime.

Right now, it looks like your domain is pointing to InfinityFree nameservers, and is connected to your account. It also appears to be redirecting to a free subdomain.

My assumption is that it is added as a parked domain to, and WordPress is configured to use the domain

Now that the domain is connected to your account, you change the nameservers back to whatever you want them to be, and create two A records. One with the name of “@”, and the other with the name of “www”. Both should have the record value of “”.

If you want WordPress to load with the custom domain, you will need to change the Site URL in WordPress settings.

I mean that should be pretty obvious. If your adding a domain to an account, you test it by loading the domain in your browser.

  1. I REALLY DO APPRECIATE all your help!!!
  2. When pointing to epizy DNS servers, the pointed to and worked correctly.
  3. After switching back to regular DNS servers, I have updated emersonuuchapel org pointing emersonuuchapel infinityfreeapp com, but is still getting the suspended-domain pages. All the other expected services for the domain are now reachable as expected. You verified when it was complete. I also verified it before changing back to the usual DNS servers.
  4. Yes, I also know the wordpress site settings need to change.
  5. I also cleared my browser’s cache.
  6. Here’s the A record: A updated There is currently a TTL of 15 minutes, which I know doesn’t really affect connectivity. And Yes, the subdomain will be updated emersonuuchapel org until I’m ready to switch it to be the main site, but not quite yet. Other people do need to help work on it.
  7. Obviously I missed something, again. I went back and re-read the “How to add your own domain to your account” and I don’t see what I missed.
  8. I REALLY DO APPRECIATE all your help!!!
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