Getting Started - Step 3 - Script Configuration


my website is newly created and I am trying to follow the get started process. I am at step 3 and can’t figure out the installation page mentioned here: “you need to run through the script installation routine by browsing to the install/uploaded location and locating the installation page.”
This has something to do with mySQL database which I have done.
Does the page have to be up an running first?


Welcome! Without more info, such as the program you are trying to install, the location you are trying to install it to, etc, no one here will exactly be able to help you. Can you please provide that information?


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I am not trying to install a program and don’t have a location. The full steps are as follows and I’m stuck on step 3. I’m honestly super lost as to what I am supposed to do as I tried the three install examples after my webpage name and am not finding anything on infinityfree:
Step 2 - Creating a MySQL database

99% of PHP scripts require a MySQL database, use your MySQL database manager to create a MySQL database and take careful note of the database name.

You will be asked for your MySQL database name at the final stage next… Step 3 - Script Configuration

Now that you have uploaded the files and you have the database, you need to run through the script installation routine by browsing to the install/uploaded location and locating the installation page.

This location/page can vary between scripts so it is best to refer to the documentation that came with the script or the developer installation materials on their website!

In many cases simply visiting the installation location will direct you to the installation page which allows you to continue setup however if not, again refer to the documentation/official site of the script. Below are some common locations:

http :// yourwebsite .com/install .php
http :// yourwebsite .com/install
http :// yourwebsite .com/installation

If you cannot locate the installation page and you have verified its supposed location using the script help documentation please verify the upload was successful using the Online File Manager to find all the associated files and that they are intact and accounted for including directory names and file names. In many cases you may also find the installation location via this method such as a sub-directory, if this is the case simply adjust your URL accordingly and browse there.


The instructions you provided explain how to install a script.

What are you trying to get on your website? If you are not installing a script, you do not need to follow those directions.

Getting started with InfinityFree:


I see.
So after placing my index.html file in the htdocs folder I just have to wait 72 hours and I should be able to see my site with no extra steps, if I don’t have scripts or anything extra?

Thank you so far and in advance,

I currently see the following on your website, is this what you are aiming for?

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Yes, that’s perfect!

How were you able to view it? When I follow my link I get the following page:

Thanks again,

And you can try clearing your cache as well.


I may just have to wait. I tried clearing my computer’s DNS cache as instructed and my browser cache. The override DNS setting and switch DNS resolver options seem complicated for a tech novice such as myself and I don’t want to mess anything up.

I really appreciate your help thus far and my initial inquiry has been resolved so I’m happy.

Thank you so much!


No problem, and glad you got it working!

If you want to see changes yourself, you can try using a different network (Such as cellular data), otherwise, things should clear up within the next few days.


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