GDPS Custom Server Fix

Hey! So I’ve been trying to make a GDPS (Geometry Dash Private Server), i know this isn’t a game server hosting but pretty much everyone uses free hosting services, they are down, especially the hosting dedicated to GDPS’es, i put in all the right information in the “connection.php” such as username (if0_something), database name (database1_if0_something), password (themysqlpasswordimnottellingyou) and the server as localhost.

Hi and welcome to the forum! Well, the database hostname is not actually localhost on free hosting; you can find the actual database details under the “MySQL Databases” section of your hosting account’s dashboard in the Client Area or under that same section of the Control Panel. If you still can’t connect you should also check this article out:


i mean hostname as

Oh, I also forgot: if you manage to make it work, it might not work in the game itself due to the security system:


Every single hosting I’ve tried worked, I even tried iFastNet, so how could infinityfree be any different?

It is simply intended to be used as website hosting as you said earlier.


Have you tried something like ReplIt or another serverless hosting provider? Because I am afraid that free hosting providers will most likely not allow such hosting otherwise.


Unless you tried their free hosting, Byet, iFastNet’s premium hosting system is entirely different from that of free hosting and does not have the same restrictions set in place.

Generally, when using a service outside of the functionality that is supported, you can operate on a trial and error model, but be aware that if the “website hosting only” rule starts being more strictly enforced, you could find yourself suspended, and that if you run into the limitations, they cannot be lifted, so you’ll have to upgrade to premium hosting or look for a different provider.

If you have a custom domain, you could look into whether integrating Cloudflare can allow you to use your website as you want to:


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