Ftp problems

My website URL is: perykla.epizy.com

and i have ftp problems my volume is vol9_2.
it don’t let me view website and code i get eror 404

Maybe there is a problem, that is not related to the error “553 Can’t do {something with the file}: Read-only file system”, but a hosting syncing problem; that’s not a problem with FTP on your account. Try deleting the domain from the account, then delete the account and recreate another one with the name of your subdomain, then wait some time, and upload the files.

i don’t have accsess to files and don’t have backup.

Try to connect to FTP with this link with the username and the password you can find on the Client Area (the password will be shown by clicking on Show/Hide).

didn’t help this error to

Maybe it’s an account problem. Try deleting the domain from the original account, wait a bit and remove the account from the Client Area, then create a new one with the same name of subdomain you’ve chosen, then wait a bit and open the Control Panel, click on “I Approve” to approve commercial emails and never show that message on the Control Panel again, then access the FTP with FileZilla and upload the files on htdocs with it. Now you can have access to the website again!

I don’t have files now it only on server!!!

Maybe try connecting with FileZilla the FTP server with these settings:
FTP server: 1113427185.ifastnet.org
Port: 21
Connection protocol: Plain FTP (not secure)
Username: you can find it on the Client Area, with the website description labelled as “Website for yourdomain”
Password: you can find it on the Client Area, clicking on the account, scrolling down and clicking on the “Show/Hide” button to show the password.

Error: Could not connect to server

Any of these settings are not working, either from Online File Manager or from FileZilla. That leads to one only solution: the account maybe was corrupted during the creation phase. For me it works on volume 9_6 and has two websites, one empty with the default index page accessible at https://ergastolatorw.cf and an almost empty installation of phpBB at https://forum.ergastolatorw.cf.

It worked for 2 months without problems and now it don’t work.

Same with me. I Have the exact same problem

And how did you fix it?

please admins help

I also have the same problem I need immediate solution please

Same problem here! Password has been reset but problem is always there and web site is in 404error

I have the same problem! When I try to access to website it gave me “404! We couldn’t find that page.”. When I try to connect to File Manager, the login don’t work and on the cPanel, it gave me that I have 0% disk usage. I created the website (domain) a month and half ago.

Exactly same stuff…I’ve juste read an admin topics about websites with IP adress and IP adress wich seem to be down and so we apparently cannot do a thing exept to wait. Verify your website IP. We may have the same problem.

There appears to be a problem with the storage on vol9_1 and vol9_2. I’m trying to get in touch with iFastNet about this issue. As soon as I know more, I’ll update this topic:

Thanks but my storage is 8_6.