Ftp inaccessible

**My website URL is:https://namvr.ml

**What I’m seeing is:no ftp connection

**I’m using this software:mftp.infinityfree.net

**Additional information:**My all website are down - #4 by Admin

I’m getting similar issues. See my post here about it.



Yep, same problem…


I have the same problem, can’t access to my ftp account. may be is general incident!

I don’t know what’s happening!
@Admin Please respond here…
Every account is blocked.
My each and every website is blocked and in accessable, ftp in accessable… Please help

I have 2 accounts and both are blocked. Please let me know what is happening in epizy.com?

The hostname : ftpupload.net does not resolve,
Monsta FTP: Unable to connect Host
cPanel: /Index file not found.

i got the same problem and i don’t know what’s going on so please reply asap @Admin

same here

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