FTP Error: Disk Quota Exceeded

Website URL: (http://thetelescopeinternational.org/)

Error Message

Status: Starting upload of C:\wamp64\www\ttcjn-5.5\wp-content\plugins\learnpress\templates\global\restrict-access.php
Command: PASV
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (185,27,134,11,188,144)
Command: STOR login.php
Response: 553 Can’t open that file: Disk quota exceeded
Error: Critical file transfer error
Status: Starting upload of C:\wamp64\www\ttcjn-5.5\wp-content\plugins\learnpress\templates\notices\error.php
Command: PASV
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (185,27,134,11,52,209)
Command: STOR index.php
Response: 553 Can’t open that file: Disk quota exceeded
Error: Critical file transfer error
Status: Starting upload of C:\wamp64\www\ttcjn-5.5\wp-content\plugins\learnpress\templates\notices\index.php
Status: Starting upload of C:\wamp64\www\ttcjn-5.5\wp-content\plugins\learnpress\templates\loop\index.php
Response: 550 Can’t check for file existence
Command: PASV
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (185,27,134,11,207,251)
Command: STOR /htdocs/wp-content/cache/wpo-minify/1604211041/assets/wpo-minify-footer-9dfa17ee.min.css.json
Response: 553 Can’t open that file: No such file or directory
Error: Critical file transfer error
Status: Starting upload of C:\wamp64\www\ttcjn-5.5\wp-content\cache\wpo-minify\1604211041\assets\wpo-minify-footer-b276596e.min.js

Other Information

My website is about 6GB and i’m using FileZilla to upload it to your servers. The free hosting is supposed to have unlimited disk space so i don’t know why it is indicating that i have exceeded my quota.

You have most likely hit the inode limit.

Check it out from the VPanel and clear away unnecessary files and directories.

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Your account could also be capped.

In this case you may have to reduce your website to 5 GB and below.

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Can you check how many files you have in your hosting account? Also if you have about 6GB of data it must have already crossed the limit long ago, I guess.

I don’t know exactly why this happens but I’m very sure it’s intentional. You need to reduce the number of files in your account.

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Thanks everyone for your responses.

I just just checked and my inodes limit is at 100% and the disk space used is about 5GB.

So my question is, if the inodes are limited and that restricts the number of files that can be saved and invariably, the amount of space you can use, what is really unlimited about the hosting space of this free hosting service?

Can i get some clarifications please.

Nothing is unlimited, even paid, it is clearly stated in the fair usage policy. For free hosting it is the maximum allowed limit.

Its actually well over 100%. This is the reason you are getting the error message. You need to reduce the amount of files on your site to below the limit before you can add more files.

While the amount of space is unlimited, the number of files are not. While technically the claims made are true, they probably are not the best idea to make since it is limited in reality.

Well, i don’t have a problem with the company policies.

But to advertise your service as “unlimited” only for people to sign up and the reality is not the case, i don’t think it’s fair. And it can negatively affect their reputation as well.

It’s like hiding critical information in the fine print.

If there are limitations as is the case, i believe the right thing to do is to indicate it in your marketing materials so that people will not be disappointed when they sign up and find themselves in such situations.

@Admin Do inodes limit resets after 24h. or 1 month?

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Please note that the inode counter in the control panel is not a live counter. It’s only sampled once every so often (at least once per day).

So if you just added or removed many files and are wondering why your inode usage hasn’t changed, just wait for some time for the counter to update.


The honest answer is that iFastNet says in their material that we can set unlimited disk space for accounts, but they have applied a hidden limit of 5 GB.

I’ve been meaning to update our material to remove the “unlimited disk space” statement and just be honest about the 5 GB cap. I do agree that saying Unlimited Disk Space there is not completely honest. That said, it took me years to learn this limit existed, so the number of people who actually run into this is quite small, so updating this has not received a lot of priority.

But remember, there is no such thing as true unlimited disk space. Storage devices have a limited capacity, and the number of storage devices in the world has a limit too. Every provider that says unlimited disk space has a soft, hidden limit, or checks your disk usage to make sure you’re not using the storage for things you’re not supposed to use it for.

And even with a clear 5 GB cap, that doesn’t mean you can always use 5 GB, because you may hit the inode limit sooner than that. Inode limits are typically not advertised, but we do clearly display the limit in the control panel.

The unlimited bandwidth will stay. As with disk space, it’s physically impossible to have truly unlimited bandwidth. All providers have a soft limit, or have other limits that effectively limit your bandwidth usage. To my knowledge, we don’t have a direct limit, but do have other limits (like the hits limit and file size limit) that effectively limit bandwidth usage.


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